Flexible Screw Conveyor for Meal Distribution

Moving materials through the manufacturing process isa simple procedure for food and beverage firms using powdered ingredients to maintain production’s smooth operation and timeliness. Several processors use screw conveyors to do this.

A screw conveyor is a form of mechanical conveying system that can transfer sizable volumes of goods in an effective and regulated way. They move goods by employing a spiral blade that is wound around a shaft inside of a tube or trough that is completely sealed off.

The enclosed tube serves to guarantee cleanliness while the blade applies force to the product as it rotates, helping to transport the product at a regulated speed.

Some of the popular applications of a screw conveyor are the following:

  1. Raw ingredients [sugar, flour, spices, etc]
  2. Ready-to-eat food
  3. Food powder processing
Flexible Screw Conveyor

The Noida (Delhi NCR, India) based company Fabcon India has been crucial in providing the equipment required to meet the demands of the food sector. The different advantages that a screw conveyor provides are as follows.

  1. Handle a wide range of bulk materials: Flexible conveyors are perfect for pulling goods out of storage bins or bag disposal stations. As several discharge terminals may be positioned along horizontal sections, they can transmit items at ceiling height to feed a line of processing or packaging machinery.
  2. Eliminate the risk of product segregation: Due to the revolving spiral’s continual mixing of the material, flexible screw conveyors eliminate the possibility of product segregation.
  3. Cost-effective: Moreover, flexible screw conveyors are a cost-effective way to transport dry bulk goods and solids.

Why choose Fabcon India screw conveyor?

Fabcon India offers the best screw conveyor for food and beverage industries of all sizes. The various reasons for selecting our screw conveyor are as follows.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Hygienic operation
  3. Least space occupancy
  4. Great and gentle product handling
  5. Convey in any direction (from horizontal to vertical)
  6. An effective way to convey dry bulk solids & ingredients

More than 50 nations, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, the Arab Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, MENA, SAARC Nations, and others have received our systems. Furthermore, well-known Indian delicacies use our conveying and distribution system.

Fabcon India: Flexible screw conveyor

Fabcon India is aware of how important it is to offer superior engineering, higher production, enhanced efficiency, and systems. So that our equipment can continue to function well in the future, we are continually searching for ways to enhance its design.