Conti-Mix is a smart system that helps to make predetermined food mixes for various types. It works on the principle of programmable logics, which helps to make recipes by discharging required ingredients/products in a specific ratio. This ratio can be by weight or volume.

    After preselected ingredients are discharged in a given ratio, there are multiple options:

    1. Mixing/blending
    2. Adding flavours of liquid or dry powder
    3. Storage for further processing
    4. Packaging

    The main objective of  Conti-Mix is to store, weigh, discharge, blend & mix. This equipment is versatile & has applications across the food industry. Some of the popular applications are:

    1. Nut mixes
    2. Trail mixes
    3. Snack mixes like namkeen
    4. Breakfast cereals like Muesli & Granola
    5. Pre-mixes as used in ready to cook (RTC)/ready-to-eat industry (RTE)
    6. Confectionary
    7. Grains, etc.

    Fabcon India machinery integrates the best-customised solutions for creating mixes. The process is carried out by technologically advanced, automated, and quality material snack machinery. A brief description of the machinery used in Conti-Mix is indicated below:

    1. Storage hopper: Storage hoppers are large containers used to store bulk materials like nuts and little food items before dispensing them at the bottom. Either manually or automatically adding the material to the hopper is an option. The hopper’s sides are angled so that items may be discharged more easily. Moreover, vibrating equipment that releases the material more vigorously is mounted to the exterior walls.
    2. Weigh feeder: Weigh feeders are a unique class of calibrated smart devices appropriate for granular solids or Conti-Mix ingredients. The purpose of weigh feeders is to enable continuous weighing. Bulk material must be supplied to industrial processes effectively. Weigh feeders’ main purpose is to operate a closed-loop system accurately for this purpose.
    3. Collection conveyor: Following their passage through the weigh feeder, the materials are efficiently collected by collection conveyors. These conveyors help to streamline material movement and reduce damage. Our conveyors are manufactured to order according to the user’s, product, and layout requirements. The major focus is still on spillage-free and efficient product transfer in the most hygienic way.
    4. Flavouring Drum: When the cooked product has thoroughly rested, it is transferred to a rotating drum, where it tumbles in the drum with the aid of longitudinal flights.
    5. Screw Dozer: It is a metering tool used to store dry powders such as spice powder, sugar powder, food colours, or additives and feed them carefully to the scarf feeder for the best possible feed to the product in the drum.
    6. Scarf Feeder: By distributing particles in an expansive, controlled curtain on the interior of a coating drum, the scarf plate feeder enhances product coverage. Its electromagnetic (EM) technology is inherent to the device and permits highly accurate discharge of dry particles (inside the drum).

    Why choose Fabcon India Conti-Mix?

    1. Continuous Ingredient Mixing
    2. Recipe Management System
    3. Load Cell Based PLC Based System
    4. CE and UL certified
    5. Zero man involvement
    6. Hygiene and 100% washdown
    7. Highly Accurate
    8. Capacity Upto 3,000 KG Per Hour
    9. Cost savings and quick ROI

    Fabcon India: Snack processing machines

    Our systems have been exported to more than 50 nations, including the USA, UK, Australia, Africa, and many more. Our snack processing lines and conveyors are placed in the most well-known and recognised snack companies in India.
    Our commitment to meeting our client’s demands never wavers, which is why we provide customised solutions that are based on their needs.

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