Potato Chips Frying Line

    Snacks that are simple to purchase, keep, and consume are in more demand as more snacks are consumed on the go in an ever-faster culture. Since the days of yore, potatoes have been used as food. Today, it’s uncommon to find fast food in the market that doesn’t contain potatoes in one of its many forms, such as fried chips.

    Worldwide demand for potato chips has grown dramatically in recent years. And because of this, an efficient system, like a potato chip frying line, is needed to produce potato chips. For frying potatoes in a continuous process for uniform texture, color, and flavor, a potato chip frying line is employed.

    It has applications across the snack-making and food industries.

    Following are the various benefits of a potato chips frying line.

    • Superior-quality, vibrantly coloured potato chips
    • Proven technology for simple and secure operation
    • Dependable operation
    • Reduced oil usage

    As the food business moves closer to automation, Fabcon India has established itself as a strong and reputable name in the worldwide marketplace of the Snack Food Processing Industry, providing the finest products and services to its clients. Our manufacturing process for potato chips uses a variety of the following equipment.

    Our potato chips frying line

    1. High-Speed Feeder: When quick transit speeds and frequent starts and pauses are required, Fabcon India’s high-speed feeders are great options.
    2. Fryer: This takes care of the complete cooking of the product at the desired temperature. Fryer is equipped with temperature controllers for easy cooking. The overhead hood just above the frying area helps in containing the excessive steam and fumes arising due to high temperatures.
    3. De-Oiling + Transfer Conveyor: Our de-oiling + transfer conveyor removes excess oil from the cooked product before transferring it to the vibratory feeder for further flavoring.
    4. Vibratory Feeder: The electromagnetic vibratory feeder from Fabcon India continuously feeds the cooked product into the seasoning drum.
    5. Flavoring System: After the cooked product has rested well, the product is then transferred to a rotating drum in which with the help of longitudinal flights, the product tumbles in the drum.

    Why Fabcon India potato chips frying line?

    We have exported our systems to more than 50 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Africa and many more. In India, the most renowned and well-known brands in the snack market, have our snack processing lines installed.

    The following reasons make our potato chips frying line the finest:

    • Hygiene
    • Efficiency
    • Performance
    • Noiseless operation
    • High-quality end product
    • High return on investment

    Every line and conveyor produced by Fabcon India is equipped with cutting-edge technology. We constantly place a high priority on satisfying the needs of our customers, which is why we offer tailored solutions according to their requirements.

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