Namkeen Frying line

Munching low-carb snacks is something we like doing. Isn’t that correct? Low-carb snacks that are most common in our daily lives include namkeen and in India, namkeen is a preferred snack. It is created with a variety of flours and spices.

Due to the growing popularity of namkeen among Indian youth, the market for this snack is expected to rise exponentially by 2029. The namkeen frying line has applications across the snack-making and food industries. Such as:

  1. Aloo bhujia
  2. Soya sticks
  3. Namkeen mixture

Fabcon India, based in Noida (Delhi NCR) region has played a key role in supplying the gear needed to fulfill the demands of food industries. The following are the various benefits that a namkeen frying line offers.

  1. Taste standardization
  2. Consistency
  3. Less-oil
  4. Offers variegated product processing options

Fabcon India Namkeen frying line

Our namkeen frying line comprises:

  1. Pre-fryer: Before frying, the pre-fryer assists in lowering the food’s moisture content; once the product has cooked, it is sent to the fryer’s intake for additional processing.
  2. Fryer: It ensures that the product is fully cooked at the correct temperature. For simple cooking, the fryer has temperature controls. To contain the extra steam and fumes created by the high temperature, it also features an overhead hood located directly over the frying area.
  3. De-oiling + transfer conveyor: Our de-oiling plus transfer conveyor moves the cooked food to the vibratory feeder for further flavoring while draining the excess oil from it.
  4. Vibratory feeder:  The cooked food is continuously fed into the seasoning drum by the electromagnetic vibratory feeder.
  5. Flavoring system: The cooked food is transported to a revolving drum, where it tumbles in the drum with the aid of longitudinal flights after a good period of resting. The dry seasoning is applied to the product with the help of an extended auger tube.

Why choose our namkeen frying line?

Fabcon India offers the best namkeen frying line for snack-making industries of all sizes. The various reasons for selecting our namkeen frying line are as follows:

  1. Ingredients flexibility
  2. Forms & texture variety
  3. Efficiency
  4. Performance
  5. Versatility
  6. Hygiene
  7. High-quality

We have exported our systems to more than 50 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, the Arab Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, MENA, SAARC Nations, and others. Moreover, our namkeen frying line is utilized by reputed Indian delicacies.

Fabcon India: Snack processing machines

Fabcon India realizes how vital it is to provide better engineering, increased production, efficiency, and systems. Thus, we are constantly looking for methods to improve the design of our gear so that it can continue to operate as well in the future.
We can provide you with expert advice as well as the practical manufacturing-related solutions you want. If you’re considering adding conveyors to your production line to increase output, please get in contact with us.

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