Range of Fryers

    Fryers are the core of any snack processing line determining the texture and taste of the product. Hence, it is very crucial to choose a fryer that takes care of the quality, product texture, consistency, deliverance and exudes finesse, elegance and perfection. Fabcon India ensures that you get the best of everything.

    Our Fryers are known for its outstanding and outlasting performance and our customers are completely enamored by its efficiency and design. Our Fryers are unrivaled when it comes to deliverance and quality and has been welcomed and celebrated in the market across the world. Our Fryers prevent the oil from getting deteriorated and constantly pumps out the rancid/used oil and constantly pipes in the fresh oil.


    1. Efficiency: Our Fryers are designed to process large capacity food efficiently. Our industry leading Industrial Fryers delivers the best quality cooked food in less time whereas making sure the food is cooked throughout.
    2. Performance: Known for delivering consistent throughput and also ensures that food is cooked to the same level of crispiness. Our Fryers can help food businesses to maintain product consistency and quality.
    3. Flexible: Can cook different varieties of food that includes snack food, nuts, nuggets, vegetables etc. which makes our Fryers operationally flexible.
    4. Hygienic: Our Fryers comes with inbuilt CIP system ensuring proper hygiene and eliminates the risk of contamination.
    5. Superior Quality Product: Less oil volume & high oil turnover assures fresh and crispy superior quality product with longer shelf life.

    Our Range of Fryers:

    1. Potato Chips Fryer: Ideal for cooking traditional potato crisps. Temperature profile can be easily controlled to produce different styles and textures thus providing greater R.O.I. on our equipment.
    2. Corn Products Fryer: Produces superior quality corn products by frying them to perfection. Ideal for Corn Chips, Tortilla Chips, Corn Sticks, Tostadas and many more.
    3. Legume based Snacks Fryer: Produce healthy legume based snacks and Indian Ethnic savories in our Multipurpose Twin belt fryer that utilizes less oil enough to properly cook the product thus producing low fat, crunchy munchies.
    4. Coated / Battered Product Fryer: Our convenience snack food fryers are massively appreciated in the Frozen Food and QSR Industry where the supplies are always tight on time. Our Fryers can easily take care of the nuggets, meatballs, patties, fish sticks etc.
    5. Oil Roaster: Specially designed for lesser oil volume, accurate temperature control & hygienic operation, our oil roasters are ideal for roasting high capacities of nuts. Our conveyor belts are customized to suit the nut variety and uniform product roasting.
    6. Snack Food Fryer: Our Snack Food Fryers provides unmatched versatility in terms of frying different varieties of Snacks. Temperature and conveying speed can be controlled as desired to ensure product consistency and the best part is our Fryer takes minimal floor space.
    7. Kettle Fryer: Our Kettle Chips Fryer ensures complete cooking of Potato Crisp, and the final output will leave you craving for more. The Kettle Cooked Crisp will be the airiest and crunchiest crisp ever that has a perfect mouthfeel, that will take you to the state of absolute bliss.
    8. Batch Fryer: Perfect for testing the product performance in the market. Our batch fryers are compact and economical, perfect for the startups. The fryer is made in complete SS 304 grade with heavy gauge oil kettles and features rugged exterior.

    Fabcon is always trying to create innovative solution for the ease of customer, and we never restrain ourselves to a particular school of thought neither we believe in continuing what we have been doing. The drive for expanding and exploring every facet of the technology that could be used to maximize the potential of the Food industry and always bringing something new to the market accounts for the advantage we have on others. We are always devising ways to augment the design of our machinery that can deliver the same performance in future as it is delivering at present.

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