Let the world celebrate your flavorful creations with Fabcon. Ready to coat your snacks with mouthwatering flavors and take over the industry, so are we. Sustainability & efficiency are essential for proper product seasoning and Fabcon has been designing and developing various solutions for accurate proper coating & seasoning. Our stainless steel coating/ flavoring drums are designed to meet the unique product profile for uniform coating.

    Fabcon India, based in Noida (Delhi NCR) region, specializes in the business of Design & Supply of Customized Snack Food Processing Solutions. We have an integrated manufacturing facility of over 80,000 square feet with installed Laser Cutting, CNC forming & bending, TIG Welding & GBB Surface finishing.

    Fabcon has built many systems to suit the specific seasoning needs of different products. Many food processing companies across the world have appreciated our systems for its unparalleled performance, efficiency, consistency, longevity and operational ease.


    1. Seasoning Solutions: Oil based, Slurry, Dry Dozing, Hybrid (Dry Dozing + Oil Spray), Syrup based.
    2. Our Dynamic Weigh Based Seasoning System precisely measures proportionate wet or dry ingredients into the flow.
    3. Our Vibratory Feeders are ideal for producing precise controlled product flow.
    4. Our solutions are designed to accurately match your recipe.
    5. Custom made to suit various throughputs and applications.
    6. Caters to a wide spectrum of industries: Snacks like Pellets, Puffs, Cheetos, Nachos etc., Breakfast Cereals, Nuts, and Potato Products.
    7. Minimal Seasoning Loss and Product Breakage
    8. Our systems are versatile, easy to clean and we provide tumble rum applicators in various designs and adheres to the principles of GMP.
    9. Ensures Compliance
    10. Total commitment to high quality standards

    Our quality is not only CE certified, but also ULC & CSA rated. Our honest equipment pricing means an overall low ownership cost with higher R.O.I. We export our solutions to over 50 countries & most of our customer are repeat buyers. A testament in itself.

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