Nuts Frying Line

The most popular way to prepare nut snacks is to fry them. Although oils bring out various tastes and textures, nuts absorb oils far less than other foods do. This requires an efficient system to provide a suitable rate of oil turnover, which is a nut frying line, to preserve the quality of frying oil.

Nuts frying lines may be utilized for basic frying or, depending on your wants, flavoring systems can be included. They are used in all facets of the food and snack-making businesses. These nuts frying lines are best for making the following:

  1. Cashews
  2. Almonds
  3. Mixed nuts
  4. Peanuts

Benefits of nuts frying line

  1. Ensures improved oil management and longer product shelf life
  2. Uniform frying that preserves the texture and taste
  3. Oil and energy savings while frying
  4. Ensures the highest levels of hygiene

Because of the rising demand and restricted market supply caused by the expanding population, automation’s function is becoming increasingly important.
Fabcon India will do all possible to look after your production and will provide you with the greatest automation experience that delivers reliable performance, extended lifespan, and simplicity of use.

Our nuts frying line

  1. Stock Hopper with Vibratory Feeder: It stores the raw pellets and with the help of electromagnetic VF, provides continuous feed to the fryer for further processing.
  2. Fryer: Our fryer takes care of the complete cooking of the product at the desired temperature. Fryer is equipped with temperature controllers for easy cooking.
    It also has an overhead hood just above the frying area to contain the excessive steam and fumes arising due to the high temperature.
  3. Oiling + Transfer Conveyor: It removes extra oil from the cooked product before transferring it to the vibratory feeder for flavoring.
  4. Vibratory Feeder: The electromagnetic vibratory feeder provides a continuous feed of the cooked product to the flavoring drum for seasoning.
  5. Flavoring System: After the cooked product has rested well, the product is then transferred to a rotating drum in which with the help of longitudinal flights, the product tumbles in the drum.
  6. Additional Items for Coated Nuts
    • Slurry Formation System: SS 304 grade kettles are equipped with a stirrer for the preparation of the slurry & a gear pump with suitable pipelines for the slurry system.
    • Online Enrober Belt: It helps with enrobing the slurry onto the product. The system is equipped with a slurry overflow circulation system for the continuous application of the slurry on the product.

Why Fabcon India nuts frying line?

  1. Dependable and effective performance
  2. Top-notch product
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Versatility

We have exported our systems to more than 50 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, the Arab Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, MENA, and SAARC nations. The majority of our clients are returning ones.
Our snack processing lines are installed with some of the most renowned and renowned names in the snack industry.

Fabcon India: Nuts frying line

We are authorized producers and exporters of a vast array of conveyor systems and snack food processing lines. One of our company’s top priorities is keeping the quality of our selection. Since the beginning, we have provided top quality and going forward, we want to keep doing so.

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