Extruded Snack: Kurkure / Cheetos / Nik Naks Frying Line

A process called extrusion includes several unit processes, including mixing, cooking, kneading, shearing, shaping, and forming. Extrusion cooking is a common technique for making snacks and ready-to-eat dishes.

Most snack producers base their creation of new goods on some kind of current technology, but adding diversity is crucial, particularly to improve the snack’s appeal as a healthy snack by reducing fat or including nutrients.

By utilizing extrusion technology, this variant may be produced. Starch and other relevant materials can both be processed using extrusion technology.

Moreover, it is crucial for the preparation of nutrient-dense meals.

Snack manufacturing facilities utilize this line extensively. The ingredients used to create wet and dry extruded snacks are made from rice, maize, potatoes, etc.

Continue reading to find out the main benefits of an extruded snack frying line.

  • Energy-efficient;
  • The absence of process effluents;
  • Flexibility in terms of ingredient choice, forms and texture of ingredients.

Fabcon India offers the greatest automation experience and features dependable performance, extended lifespan, and simplicity of use. We have headquartered in the Noida (Delhi NCR) area and specialize in the design and supply of specialized solutions for the processing of snacks.

Continue reading to learn more about our food processing machine for extruded snack frying lines.

Our extruded snack frying line

Our extruded snack frying line comprises the following:

  1. Meal mixer: It makes the mixture more homogeneous by combining all the components in the right proportions.
  2. Screw conveyor: This is positioned directly beneath the meal mixer and is responsible for moving the meals to the extruder.
  3. Extruder: We procure extruders of the best quality, which guarantees consistency, continuity, and high yield.
  4. Collection belt conveyor: It transports the raw, extruded food to the nubin separator from the extruder.
  5. Nubin separator: This consists of tiny holes all over the drum that aids in separating the product’s fine debris & particles before passing it to the fryer.
  6. Vibratory feeder: It provides a continuous feed of raw extruded snacks to the Fryer via electromagnetic VF for further processing.
  7. Fryer and accessories: It ensures that the product is fully cooked at the correct temperature. For simple cooking, the fryer has temperature controls.The extra steam and fumes produced by the high temperature are kept in check by the overhead hood located directly over the frying area.
  8. De-oiling conveyor: It removes extra oil from the cooked food before transferring it to the vibratory feeder to be flavored.
  9. Vibratory feeder for controlled feed: The electromagnetic vibratory feeder provides a continuous feed of the cooked product to the flavoring drum for seasoning.
  10. Flavoring system: After the cooked product has rested well, the product is then transferred to a rotating drum in which with the help of longitudinal flights, the product tumbles in the drum.

Why choose our extruded snack frying line?

Skilled staff, appropriate equipment, tight quality control and an appealing brand are all necessary. With all of this in mind, Fabcon India emerged as a powerful brand in the international marketplace of the Snack Food Processing Industry.

Fabcon India develops new solutions for consumer convenience featuring cutting-edge technology. Our lines are installed with some of the most renowned and renowned names in the snack industry.

The various reasons for selecting our extruded snack frying line are as follows:

  1. Ingredients flexibility
  2. Forms & texture variety
  3. Efficiency
  4. Performance
  5. Versatility
  6. Hygiene

Fabcon India: Snack processing machines

The market for extruded snacks has grown dramatically in recent years as more producers leverage advances to provide distinctive offers. Fabcon India provides superior engineering, increased production, efficiency, and safer systems for our clients. We export our products to more than 50 nations, and the majority of our clients are return customers.

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