Pellets Frying Line

    Pellets are the most flexible semi-finished product in the snack industry.

    This market of snack pellets is expanding quickly and is anticipated to see exponential growth by 2029. They are created by extruding a wide range of components, including cereal flours, potato derivatives, vegetable powder and more.

    In addition, the demand for low-fat cereal-based snack pellets is anticipated to increase due to consumers’ preference for healthy foods, which will contribute to the market’s expansion in the years to come. Brands and producers may enjoy a convenient alternative to snacks with pellet-frying line snacks.

    Expandable snack food products are made utilizing the extrusion technique on pellet frying lines. Pellet snack production is more affordable, versatile, and has a higher return on investment than other snack food products.

    Continue reading to know the main features of snack pellets.

    1. Durable: Pellets are a great technique to extend the shelf life of fresh foods since they can be processed and kept for a long period while remaining fresh.
    2. Flexible: Pellets are a semi-finished product that may be used to create snacks that are ready to eat and have distinctive flavors and flavor combinations.
    3. Variety: The manufacture of snacks with different textures is made possible by the variety of raw ingredients and the carefully monitored processing conditions.
    4. Healthy: Foods with less oil are very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The pellets are a healthy snack alternative since less oil is needed to cook them.

    Global demand for snack pellets has increased significantly over the past ten years, and Fabcon India, established in 1981, has been instrumental in meeting this need by providing machinery that incorporates the most recent advancements in the field of snack pellet processing.

    Our pellets frying line

    Our Pellet Snack Frying Lines have been sold to over 50 countries, including the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, the Arab Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, MENA, SAARC Countries, and many more. They are now installed in the most reputable and significant snack companies in India.

    We provide stability, longevity, amazing deliverables, and cutting-edge automation, all of which have been much appreciated by our clients. We can produce snacks with excellent product quality and flavor on our frying line. Our pellet frying line consists of:

    1. Stock hopper with vibratory feeder: This stocks the raw and uncooked pellets and provides metered product feed to the fryer with the help of EVF.
    2. Fryer: It provides unmatched versatility in terms of frying different varieties of snacks. Temperature and conveying speed can be controlled as desired to ensure product consistency and the best part is our fryer takes minimal floor space
    3. De-oiling + Transfer conveyor: It removes extra oil from the cooked product before transferring it to the vibratory feeder for further flavoring.
    4. Vibratory feeder: The cooked product is continuously fed to the flavoring drum by the electromagnetic vibratory feeder so that it can be seasoned.
    5. Flavoring system: Sustainability and effectiveness are crucial for the correct coating and seasoning of products, and our systems are created to offer a range of alternatives. The particular product profile for consistent coating is met by the stainless steel coating/flavoring drums we provide.

    Why choose Fabcon India pellet line?

    With a capacity range of 100 to 1000 kg/hour, Fabcon India manufactures full snack pellet frying lines. The various reasons for selecting our pellet frying line are as follows:

    1. Ingredients flexibility
    2. Colors & flavors variety
    3. Efficiency
    4. Performance
    5. Versatility
    6. Hygiene
    7. Less Oil Volume & High Oil Turnover
    8. Economical as there is availability of raw pellets in the market.

    Fabcon India: Pellets frying line

    We are conscious of how important it is to offer better engineering, more efficient manufacturing, and systems. As a result, we are always searching for ways to enhance the design of our equipment so that it will continue to function effectively in the future.

    Across several industries, we have built our specialized food processing and conveying systems. We always prioritize meeting the demands of our clients, which is why we provide tailored solutions that are developed to do so while taking into account upcoming changes.

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