Popchips Line

    At Fabcon India, we specialize in designing and manufacturing of advanced and efficient Popchips production lines to meet the growing demand for healthier and delicious snacking options. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

    Steps to making the crispiest, light weight, flavorful Popchips.

    Step 1: Meal Preparation

    The meal is prepared and mixed properly before feeding to the Poppers to ensure consistency and product uniformity. Usually the meal consists of micro pellets, rice grits, grains etc. and is blended properly using the meal blenders.

    Step 2: Meal Distribution

    Once the meal is prepared, it is fed to the poppers using the distribution system for continuous product production. Our impeccable distribution system ensures that the production takes place smoothly with minimal product wastage.

    Step 3: Popping

    The meal is then introduced to our advanced cooking technology. This process utilizes controlled heat and pressure to create perfectly crispy chips without the need for deep frying. We source the best Poppers from Belgium, Italy and South Korea to ensure perfect popping that preserves the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients.

    Step 4: Flavor Application System

    We provide extensive flavoring solutions to match the diverse flavor coating on the product. Our flavoring solutions consist of: Slurry flavor application, Dry seasoning dozing or hybrid flavoring solutions using oil spray and dry flavor application on the product.

    Step 5: Cooling Process

    Our cooling conveyor maintains chip crunchiness while preparing them for packaging. The product is brought to the ambient temperature before packaging.

    At Fabcon India, we are dedicated to providing complete solutions for Popchips production. Our technology-driven approach, industry expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us your ideal partner in meeting the demands of the evolving snacking market. Contact us today to explore how our Popchips production line can elevate your business to new heights of success.

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