Convenience Food For Quick Serve / RTE / Heat & Eat Industry

    Frozen Food Snacks are among the growing categories in the snack food processing industry. Frozen Snacks has found its way in every grocery market, QSR and especially in the refrigerators of working households. Consumers’ increasing affinity towards Frozen Food depicts the growth of the industry. Brands have witnessed their products evolving from occasional celebration snacks to everyday consumption. With growing population, there are limited supplies in the market while the demand is soaring high and that is where the role of automation becomes all the more crucial.

    To take care of your production, Fabcon India will leave no stones unturned and will give you the best automation experience that offers consistent performance, longevity and ease of operation.

    Fabcon India, based in Noida (Delhi NCR) region, specializes in the business of Design & Supply of Customized Snack Food Processing Solutions. We have an integrated manufacturing facility of over 80,000 square feet with installed Laser Cutting, CNC forming & bending & GBB Surface finishing.

    Solutions we offer:

    1. Forming Machine: Easy to attach, can form/mould different shapes as per requirements. We cater to all sizes of industries and we make sure during the forming process the quality and texture remains same.
    2. Battering Machine: Ensures uniform battering on the product and complete sanitization during the process to keep the system hygienic. Wet coating on the product ensures that the product is ready for further breading and frying process.
    3. Breading: Our breading system is suitable to apply/ dust breadcrumbs on the product before frying. The operational ease of exchanging batters allows the maker, the independence to boost its efficiency with the complete product range.
    4. Preduster: Evenly dozing/sprinkling of flour to prepare the product completely for further cooking. The predusting machine can be easily integrated with battering and breading machine to make different process lines as per the product need.
    5. Fryer: Our Fryers takes complete care of cooking the product throughout while flash frying it while not compromising with the desired throughput. We take care of both the quality and the quantity for you. Our convenience snack food fryers are massively appreciated in the Frozen Food and QSR Industry where the supplies are always tight on time. Our Fryers can easily take care of the nuggets, meatballs, patties, fish sticks etc.


    1. Fully automated, ensuring hygiene due to inbuilt CIP system and therefore, less human intervention.
    2. Superior frying of various breaded and uncoated food products.
    3. During frying the oil continuously circulates between the fryer, filter and heat exchanger to ensure that the oil remains fresh resulting in the remarkable product quality.
    4. Incoming oil flow and the product speed and capacity are matched to sustain the product orientation.
    5. Our Fryers are designed in accordance with the trusted existing technology with new innovation incorporated.
    6. Our Fryers incorporates latest features including advanced sanitation, noiseless operation and overall reducing total ownership cost.
    7. Our lines are installed with the most reputed and celebrated names in the Snack industry such as Haldirams, ITC, Pepsico, Pyramid etc. and have exported our systems to over 50 countries including UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Arab Gulf, Middle East, Africa, MENA, SAARC Nations, etc.

    Our quality is not only CE certified, but also ULC & CSA rated. Our honest equipment pricing means an overall low ownership cost with higher R.O.I. We export our solutions to over 50 countries & most of our customer are repeat buyers. A testament in itself.

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