Our baked snacks line

  • Meal mixer: By combining all the elements introduced in the right proportion, our meal mixer aids in guaranteeing the homogeneity of the mixture.
  • Screw conveyor: The meal is moved from the meal mixer into the extruder by this device, which is positioned directly beneath the meal mixer.
  • Extruder: Give your imagination a physical form with the aid of the extruder to produce the item you want. Our extruder can provide remarkable results over a wide range of masses.
  • Belt conveyor: It transports the raw, extruded food to the vibratory feeder from the extruder. Our belt conveyor systems can handle various baked and pre-baked foods.
  • Vibratory feeder: The vibratory feeder enables the electromagnetic vibratory feeder to feed raw extruded forms to the dryer for baking continuously.
  • Dryer: Hot air facilitates baking the product at the proper temperature. An axial flow fan is part of the dryer and controls airflow.
  • Belt conveyor: To bring the product to ambient temperature before flavoring.
  • Vibratory feeder for controlled feed: The electromagnetic vibratory feeder provides a continuous feed of the cooked product to the flavoring drum for seasoning.
  • Flavoring system: When sufficient time has passed for the cooked food to cool, it is moved to a revolving drum, where it tumbles using longitudinal flights.

To season the product, the slurry for the flavoring is created in kettles, and the twin kettles make sure that everything blends and flows continuously into the flavoring drum.

Why is Fabcon India baked snacks line?

Along with being CE certified, our quality is also ULC & CA rated. Our upfront equipment price translates to lower total ownership costs and a better return on investment. We export our products to more than 50 nations; most clients are return customers.

The following list of features makes our baked snack line the finest.

  1. Line driven by PLC; touch panel based
  2. Capacity range: 100-1000 kgh
  3. Multiple seasoning stations are available
  4. Extruder model selection
  5. It is possible to include a dryer from the planet dryer

Fabcon India: Snack processing machines

We recognize the ever-changing nature of the worldwide snack food sector. Hence, we provide the most innovative commercial baked snack line to help you discover more effective methods to make your goods, optimize your operations, and maximize your profitability.

Fabcon India can satisfy your baked snack manufacturing line equipment demands. Visit us if you’re considering adding conveyors to your manufacturing line to increase output, such as spiral conveyors, roller conveyors, extruders, etc.