Food-grade belt conveyors, which efficiently and securely handle and transfer food and other organic materials through processing, are the driving force in the food manufacturing industry. Our world-class product.
handling and processing conveyors are highly sanitary and built to operate at variable speeds.

We understand the various needs of our customers and hence our conveying systems are specially tailor-made to suit the industry requirements. Our conveyors offer special benefits ideal for the food processing industry.

These belts are primarily utilized in the following industries.

  1. Food
  2. Tobacco
  3. Grain
  4. Sugar
  5. Tea
  6. Pharmaceutical, etc.
Process conveyor
Process conveyor

Applications of our food-grade belt conveyor

  1. Accumulation and chilling: Our food-grade belt conveyors may be used for a variety of food items in accumulation and chilling applications for optimal efficiency, enabling you to continue manufacturing while assembling completed goods.
  2. Optimization of the inspection procedure:Conveyor belts aid in the optimisation of the inspection procedure used in the manufacture of food by enabling operators to carefully examine items as they proceed down the line to spot any anomalies or concerns and deal with them without delaying workflow.
  3. Easy packaging: Our food processing conveyors are ideal for packaging applications. Our food-grade conveyors enable you to move packages precisely, reduce product waste, and meet the needs of a busy industrial environment.
    Fabcon India provides the best food-grade belt conveyor since it understands how crucial it is to protect your brand’s reputation and the product’s safety. Some of the major benefits of our food-grade belt conveyor are as follows.
  4. Exemplary hygienic standards: Your job will be simpler, cleaner, and more productive thanks to our conveyor systems’ sanitary features, which require less cleaning.
  5. Food safety commitment: We are dedicated to providing our clients with conveyor equipment that adheres to strict food hygiene requirements, operator safety as well as simple and efficient sanitation.
  6. Custom-designed solution: We’re aware that each production procedure and application is special. Because of this, we focus on creating solutions that are specifically catered to your needs and constraints.
  7. Safety: Our food-grade belt conveyors are made following industry norms, rules, and requirements as well as guidelines for user safety. In addition to being ULC and CSA graded, they have CE certification.

Why our food-grade belt conveyor?

  1. Efficiency
  2. Hygiene
  3. Top-notch quality
  4. Low operational cost
  5. Safe conveying of edible products

Fabcon India: Food-grade belt conveyor

Our team is aware that each production procedure and application is different. Because of this, we focus on creating solutions that are specifically catered to your needs, constraints, and exacting requirements. We can assist with whatever type of conveyor you require.

Several enterprises have adopted our specialized food processing and conveying solutions because we offer the best conveyance and material handling capabilities, guaranteeing superior quality, dependability, and performance.