Spiral Conveyors

    Spiral Conveyer is the easiest and most efficient way of conveying bulk products like carton Boxes, Jute Bags etc from level to level without the use of any external force.
    Its specially designed turns ensures no topple and easy flow of the product throughout the length of the conveyer.
    No electrical mechanism ensures easy maintenance, cost saving and noticeable and appreciable energy saving throughout its lifespan.
    Our quality driven design makes the equipment perfect to work effectively and efficiently in rough and rigorous conditions of a manufacturing industry.


    • Fully Customizable
    • Easy to Operate
    • Easy to Maintain
    • Wear & Tear resistant
    • Small Operating foot-print
    • Simple structure
    • Large Conveying capacity
    • Low operating cost
    • No electricity involved
    • High Throughput


    The spiral conveyer is made up in a helical shape arrangement where free rotating rollers are incorporated within the system in such a manner that any load when place at the top end of the conveyer, will slide on the rollers following that helical profile and covering a vertical distance without any horizontal displacement giving a perfect point to point multi- level movement using nothing but just the natural gravitational force.

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