Telescopic Loading Conveyor


    • Can be safely operated even by one person only.
    • Eliminates the need of any additional equipments.
    • Front of boom is always at the loading / unloading face reducing physical effort, lifting,
      carrying and back strain on the personnel’s.
    • Both bags and cartons can be conveyed safely and efficiently.
    • Length can be increased or decreased as per the need.


    • Reduces loading / unloading times – quick turnaround of containers.
    • Reduces risk of workplace injury to operators.
    • Reduces risk of damage to products.
    • Reduces shipping costs.
    • Increases safety, efficiency and productivity.
    • Low maintenance, high efficiency and performance


    • Extension B: 14500mm
    • Slant Conveyor: 4500mm
    • Overall length: 26800mm
    • Belt width: 900mm
    • Overall width: 1320mm
    • Height: 2400mm
    • Belt type: Siegling PVC belt
    • Slant belt: Gripped belt
    • Belt speed: 25m/min
    • Belt Direction: Two way, loading and unloading
    • Belt Drive: SEW gear motor
    • Color: Green powder coated
    • Height of hydraulic: 1000mm
    • Loading capacity: ≤ 50kg/meter
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